Integrated Fundraising Communications
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Jeff Mallach

Jeff has been fundraising for more than 30 years, first as the Development Director for a non-profit organization and later as a consultant for the AB Data, Ltd. Jeff has worked with a broad range of non-profit and political organizations over the years, including international relief, civil rights, humanitarian, environmental, human services & advocacy groups, as well as numerous Senate campaigns. He takes pride in developing acquisition control packages for his clients and has developed specialized expertise in creating and sustaining cutting-edge donor development programs utilizing database segmentation strategies to maximize donor retention and revenue.

Jeff is the director of one of the country’s largest ultra marathons. Much of his free time is spent outdoors, running on the Ice Age Trail, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. Through those experiences and others, he has learned the importance of planning, sustained effort, perseverance, adaptability, and problem-solving on the fly. In his view, a truly collaborative relationship between client and consultant is the beginning of a successful partnership. Success is not decided by a consultant with a big idea, a new segmentation strategy, process, or technique, but rather through the ongoing fusion and execution of strategy, creative, data, production, and analysis—all driven by hard work.