Integrated Fundraising Communications
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Despite the snow, the 2014 DC DMA Nonprofit Conference was crowded and full of energy! Mikaela King, VP of Integrated Marketing for Defenders of Wildlife, Sean Powell, Director of The Engage Group and our own Heather Marsh, Director of Digital Marketing teamed up to present a Digital Fundraising 101 session with great attendance.

The breakout session was designed to be an everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-ever-changing-world-of-digital session — specifically covering best practices for email, websites, online acquisition, social media, testing, integration, retargeting, responsive design and mobile optimization.

That said, I bet you might be wondering: Can an entire channel of fundraising be covered in an hour? No. OK, well, maybe, but not in the depth we had planned, and certainly not with an audience full of great questions, comments and experiences to share. The conversation was lively, and we look forward expanding the discussion into a full day of Digital Fundraising 101 and 201 on June 11 in NYC hosted by the DMANF.

For a full summary of the session, please read the Fundraising Success article.

2014 DMA DC – Digital Fundraising 101